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Engine Diagnostics

Auto Fusion has the latest automotive diagnostic equipment to identify what part of your engine or vehicle needs service. Often, it has something to do with increased emissions. Once we determine what the problem is, we’ll carefully review with you what triggered the computer’s response, what (if any) work needs to be done and exactly how much it will cost. With Auto Fusion, there are never any unpleasant surprises. We do our best to keep you informed every step of the way.

At Auto Fusion, certified technicians perform level 1 and level 2 diagnostics using advanced engine diagnostics equipment. This equipment combined with expert training allows our team to correctly diagnose your car’s systems, determining the root source of your cars specific problems. We will be sure to provide the best, efficient care for your car to promise safe driving for the future.

As professional auto mechanics, we always have our customers in mind and our goal is to make them completely satisfied. Our experienced mechanics are fully trained and well educated with engine diagnostics. So come on down to Auto Fusion or call our shop to talk to our professionals on how we can help with your vehicle in any way. Thank you for your business.